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Willow Health Care Inc. is the culmination of efforts made by the Chamber of Commerce of Willow Springs and its membership. From 1973 through 1976 a committee of community member failed to attract private investment and to received permission from the state of Missouri to build a nursing facility. A 60 bed facility was authorized for construction in Licking Missouri, Texas County taking away any immediate future opportunities. In the fall of 1977 Willow Springs Chamber of Commerce President Steve Reich appointed a steering committee led by Wendell Bailey, and charged with the singular purpose of developing a nursing home that will provide care to the elderly and jobs for the people . The committee consisted of numerous community leaders including the former CEO of Mercantile Bank, K. Adrian Lasley , Rolland "Pig" Paul, Robert Curtis, Jack Whitaker, H. L. "Hap" Roberts, Ira Wilbanks , etc.

Bailey a state and area political figure said the best way for us to accomplish our mission would be to form a not-for-profit corporation and seek possible funding from the Farmers' Home Administration Community Facility's program. Following several weeks of gathering information and working with the Howell county district office, the committee had an early winter appointment with the State Office FmHA and their representatives E. 'Pete' Esterhous and D. Clark Thomas. Discussion with these two gentlemen gave a ray of hope when they said if we could raise $50,000 in matching money we would get further consideration . While the door was not open, it was cracked; there was renewed energy. A plan was formulated in hopes of ending what had become an ordeal.

IN 1978 : The Committee incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit corporation on January 11, 1978 under the name of Willow Health Care Inc., and proceeded to secure financing to build a 60 bed Intermediate Care Facility ( ICF ) . This was accomplished by community fund raisers; including a radiothon in February on KUKU (engineered by Pig Paul) that raised over $116,000. This plus $40,000 previously raised impressed FmHA and we were approved to borrow the remainder from the Community Facilities Program of the Farmer's Home Administration.

IN 1979 : The original 60 bed, Willow Care Nursing Home was built and then opened on September 17, admission began on September with full occupancy achieved in less than 90 days .

IN 1981 : (January) A 60 bed addition was built and Willow Care upgraded its license and services to a Skilled Nursing Facility ( SNF ), bringing the total number of beds to 120 .

IN 1982: 15 acres of land was purchased bringing the Willow Springs Campus acreage to 30 .

IN 1987 : (April) Willow Health Care Inc. constructed a Residential Care Facility ( RCFII ) to house 24 people in an apartment setting. These apartments were attached to the 120 bed Willow Care Nursing Home. Also in 1987 Willow Care acquired an 18 passenger mini-bus for transporting residents to medical appointments and social excursions. The apartments were finance by FmHA Community Facility funding. Because of growing Willow Care - Willow West population the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department gave matching funds for the bus.

IN 1989 : (December)(Opened in 90) Willow Health Care Inc. built a 60 bed Skilled Nursing Facility, Mountain View Healthcare , in Mountain view Missouri, which is approximately 15 miles East of Willow Springs on US Highway 60. This was a cooperative venture with FmHA and Boatmen's First National Bank of West Plains sharing the financing costs.

IN 1992 : Willow Care and Willow West began major renovations, additions, and program expansion to the existing facilities. Willow West added 6 additional RCF II apartments bring the total to 30 . Also a major addition to the Willow West dining room was made to accommodate the additional residents, provide a new atmosphere with cantilever ceilings, skylights and floor to ceiling windows.

Willow Care converted a 22 bed nursing wing to a Special Care Unit, known as "Freedom Hall," to accommodate Alzheimer's and related disorder residents. These additions included a nursing station, bathing area, and large dining and recreation room, and an enclosed court yard.

Willow Care quadrupled its existing Physical Therapy Department making it a rehabilitation center to serve residents in the facility and the community on an outpatient basis. The rehab department is appropriately staffed and equipped with hydo therapy, ultra sonic, electric muscle stimulators and associated equipment .

Also associated with the Willow Care renovations was an 80 foot by 16 foot green house attached to the existing Willow Care dining room, a 'Soda Shop,' a totally remodeled nurse's station with day rooms and the latest in nurse/resident communications system with computer tracking of calls and times associated with those calls.

IN 1992: Willow Care began a 'Catering Service' to increase our revenues, maximize our facilities and individual ability's.

IN 1993 : Willow Health Care Inc. and its nursing facilities in July developed a Home Care service . This alternative to early placement in institutions operates out of the existing facilities. Plans are underway to develop a Home Health Agency in 1994.

IN 1993: Willow Care entered into a scholarship and contractual arrangement with a student at MU physical therapy school. The student will begin practice in Willow Springs in the summer of 1995.

IN 1994 : WestWood Rural Health Clinic became a reality (2/14/94) with the recruitment of a Nurse Practitioner (Millie Holmes). A new era of services begins with a collaborative practice of medicine between an advanced practice nurse and physicians. Specifically Dr. Shaw , Smith, & Hawkins. The acute needs of the nursing facilities will be dealt with quicker; the development of a full service clinic for the medically under served and indigent will be enhanced.

IN 1994 : Willow Home Care became WestWood Home Health and Home Care . Home health is a more advance practice in the delivery of home care. With the development of the WestWood group, Rural Health Clinic, Home Health and Home Care, a new platform has been developed that will ultimately give WHCI a major role in the continuum of care.

IN 1994: Willow Care Catering and Specialties became, "The Rusty Lantern Restaurant, Banquet and Catering"(3/1/94). The dining facilities of the " Waystation Motel" in West Plains were leased to accommodate this new venture. With the experience of the Willow Care Food Service Director this venture was undertaken, in hopes of adding more revenue to the health care portion of our operation. Because of the poor federal and state funding of Medicaid and Medicare we have found diversification of our operations a necessity. The Rusty Lantern restaurant proved to be a losing situation and ceased operations on November 30, 1994. The profitable catering business returned to Willow Care.

IN 1994 : (August-September) Mountain View Healthcare in (October 1993) started construction on 30 additional beds to its present 60 bed SNF . In late August 1994 facility was licensed. The Farmer's Home Administration again funded this project totally.

IN 1994: June 30, application made for 30 beds of residential care apartments for Mountain View. Funded 9/94.

IN 1994: (October) Notified by MHTD of matching grant for mini-bus for Mountain View Healthcare .

IN 1996: WestWood : Began Delivery of Home Health Services

IN 1996: Mountain View Healthcare : Created a Special Care Unit

IN 1996: Willow Care : Began a $300,000 phase one remodeling of the facility.

IN 1997: Mountain View Healthcare : Built an indoor swimming pool for the therapy department.

IN 1997: Willow Care Remodeled West Wing

IN 1998: Willow Care Remodeled East Wing and Willow West. ( total remodeling 96-98 cost $500,000)

IN 1999: MVHC remodeled Entrance, dinning room, office, activities, OT, ST. ($125,000)

IN 1999: Westwood opened rehab company when Prism ceased operations. Contracts with West Vue , TCMH , Kabul, plus serving WHCI . Employ PT, OT, SLP .

IN 2001: Mountain View Health Care (July) began construction on a 12 bed RCF Facility. A six bed hall is also being built for future use but will temporarily house WHCI's Home Office .

IN 2001: Created new position of Vice President of Human Resources (Denna C. Tune). (began work Oct 1)

IN 2002: Park Place (12 bed RCF ) opened July 2002. Home Office remained at Willow Care because of cost factors resulting from reduced and stopped funding from Medicaid

IN 2002: May Home Health, Home Care, and Rehab moved to vacant apartments in Willow West from their downtown building.

IN 2002: June WestWood Rural Health Clinic added second NP to take care of growing Nursing Home client list in collaboration with Dr. Shaw.

IN 2003: Purchased Beverly Nursing Home property from OGG , a Texas Corporation, and executed an Operations and Transfer Agreement with Beverly enterprises of Fort Smith Arkansas. Began operations 11/1/03

IN 2003: Willow Health Care, Inc. purchased a 120 bed facility in West Plains, MO, renaming the facility to Brooke Haven Healthcare, with Brad Miller as the first administrator.

IN 2004: Brooke Haven Healthcare began a $640,000 whole-facility remodel project and completed it in Spring 2005.

IN 2006: The C.F. Smith Orthopedic Rehab, 20-bed post-acute unit was created at the Brooke Haven Healthcare facility.

IN 2007: Park Place was granted a Certificate of Need and added 6 licensed Assisted Living beds for a total of 18.

IN 2008: Mountain View Healthcare purchased 25 acres adjacent to the existing property for further development.

IN 2009: Mountain View Healthcare completed remodel of the West Side & Special Care Unit including all patient rooms with new window treatments, privacy curtains, furniture, and bedspreads.

IN 2010: The Westwood Group-Rural Health Clinic & Home Health/Home Care built a new Medical building on the Willow Care campus. The Westwood Group is now located in the 4300 sq. ft. upper level of the building, with management offices occupying the 4,400 sq. ft. lower level. This project was an $891,000 addition to our Willow Springs location.

IN 2010: Mountain View Healthcare volunteers completed a pavilion project for the facility to use and enjoy. The volunteers raised funds and the facility did some matching funds to complete the project.

IN 2011: Willow Care Nursing Home added a new drive up canopy and front entrance, along with creating a new 60 bed special care unit on the east side of the building. Total cost $180.000

IN 2012: Willow Care nursing home reduced their beds from 120 down to 105 and Willow Health Care Inc. transferred 15 beds to Mountain View Health Care to prepare them for a new rehab wing.

IN 2014: Mountain View Healthcare SNF: Increased beds by opening a 15 bed short term stay rehab and hospice wing. It will be a new South nursing hall off of the East Wing. The Therapy Dept added an additional office/gym space. Begin development of 37 acre campus with the construction of two tri-plex apartments. Future development considerations will include single cottage duplex, etc. This took Mountain View Healthcare from a 90 bed to 105 bed skilled facility.

IN 2015: Willow Health Care Inc purchased 17.3 acres in West Plains, MO. This property will serve as the new location for the new Brooke Haven Campus in the future. Willow Health Care Inc. purchased a 90 bed skilled facility, Ozark Riverview Manor and a 40 bed Assisted Living Facility, Riverview Residential Place, in Ozark, MO. Operations began 10/01/2015. Willow Health Care Inc purchased property, 68 acres in Rogersville, MO. This will serve as a new campus called Copper Rock Village. Plans for a 90 bed skilled facility and a 60 bed Assisted Living Facility and 52 Independent Living Units.